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For payments, subscriptions, permission requests etc please contact the publisher

JMIR Publications Inc.

50 Winners Circle

Toronto, ON, M4L 3Z7


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Principal Contact

Gunther Eysenbach MD MPH FACMI
University of Toronto

Editorial Office: 

439 University Avenue, 5th floor

Toronto, ON, M5G 1Y8


(for editorial matters only)

Please direct your inquiry to one of the following departments:

Editorial Support


Telephone: (+1) (437) 836-3215

PRE-acceptance queries as well as queries from reviewers. Note: Please refrain from sending in questions about the status of your submission. The status is visible on the author homepage and no action on your part is required if the paper is "in review", other than patiently waiting for our decision. While we aim to make initial decisions within 2-3 months (3 weeks if fast-tracked), some manuscripts may take longer, especially if reviewers disagree. Also, you do not have to ask us if we received your revision or other material - if you see it online, then we have received it. Usability issues and technical issues (error messages) should be addressed to JMIR Tech Support.

Production Support


Telephone: (+1) (437) 836-3215

POST-acceptance queries such as questions related to copyediting, typesetting, proofreading. Note: Please communicate with the copyeditor directly when copyediting your manuscript, and only escalate this to the production office if you do not receive a satisfactory response. Also, enter your proofreading comments (when you received the galleys) into the proofreading box, do NOT file a ticket. In addition, kindly refrain from sending in questions about the status of your submission. After payment we aim to assign your paper within 30-50 days after receipt of the APF to a copyeditor (2 weeks if fast-tracked). Typesetting may take another week and we aim to publish within a week after receiving your final proofreading comments. Usability issues and technical issues (error messages) should be addressed to JMIR Tech Support.

Billing Support


Telephone: (+1) (437) 836-3214

Any questions related to paying for your submission, APF fees, memberships, generating invoices or purchasing prepaid credits.

Tech Support


Telephone: (+1) (437) 836-3214

For any technical issues, bug reports, or any type of error, please contact us right away.

Usability Support


Telephone: (+1) (437) 836-3216

For any usability, design, display issues or browser incompatibilities.

General Support


Telephone: (+1) (437) 836-3215

For all other inquiries, comments or feedback, we'd love to hear from you. You can also use our Feedback Form.


If you have positive things to say, please tweet @JMedInternetRes and we will surely notice (and possibly retweet) it! 

Support Contact

Vu Trinh (JMIR Technical Contact)
Phone: (+1) (437) 836-3214