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Development of a Monitoring System for Smartphone Overuse

iproc 2017;3(1):e7

592 0 0
Feasibility of Using a Game-Based Cognitive Assessment for Older Adults in Emergency Care

iproc 2016;2(1):e35

1022 0 0
A Stage-Based Mobile Intervention for Substance Use Disorders in Primary Care

iproc 2016;2(1):e30

612 0 0
Toward Expert Systems in Mental Health Assessment: A Computational Approach to the Face and Voice in Dyadic Patient-Doctor Interactions

iproc 2016;2(1):e44

2041 0 5
Connecting With the Audience: Testing the Use of the Entertainment Education Strategy and Narrative in an SMS Intervention

iproc 2016;2(1):e43

794 0 1
Collaborative Care Drives Triple Aim Success in Patients With Uncontrolled Hypertension

iproc 2016;2(1):e16

594 0 0
Prototype Development of a Responsive Emotive Sensing System (DRESS): System Operations Testing Outcomes

iproc 2016;2(1):e12

362 0 0
Review of Medical Device Connectivity in Neurocritical Care

iproc 2015;1(1):e12

652 0 2
Facilitating Quick and Better Text Searching for ICD-10-CM Codes

iproc 2015;1(1):e4

761 0 0
Developing a Comprehensive Model for Improving Quality of Life in Individuals with Alzheimer Disease and Related Dementia and Their Informal Caregivers: Qualitative Study of AZL Forum Data

iproc 2019;5(1):e16230

447 0 0
Women Mobile Lifeline Channel Is a Key Stimulant of MCH Services Use in Resource Constrained Settings: A Success Story of Women Health Channel Uganda

iproc 2019;5(1):e15239

142 0 0
Digital Tools Fill a Gap in Mental Health Screening and Support, Particularly for Women Lacking Strong Social Networks

iproc 2019;5(1):e15207

298 0 0
Does Level of Engagement in a Digital Parent Training Program Impact Improvements in Parenting and Child Outcomes?

iproc 2019;5(1):e15104

240 0 0
Provider and Patient-Related Barriers to and Facilitators of Digital Health Adoption for Hypertension Management: Review

iproc 2018;4(2):e11904

508 0 0
Cloud Connected Non-Invasive Medical Device for Instant Left Ventricular Dysfunction Assessment via Any Smartphone

iproc 2018;4(2):e11880

296 0 0
Mobile Behavioral Therapy for Headache: Pilot Study

iproc 2018;4(2):e11814

492 0 0
The Addition of Asynchronous Chat-Based Coaching to a Digital Behavioral Health Tool Promotes Support and Personalization

iproc 2018;4(2):e11797

638 0 0
mHealth App for Patient Self-Management of Chronic Kidney Disease Improves Renal Outcome: Pilot Study

iproc 2018;4(2):e11777

1527 0 0
Maximizing Potentially Avoidable Hospitalizations and Cost Savings Beyond Targeting the Most Costly Patients

iproc 2018;4(2):e11731

318 0 0
Surveillance and Molecular Epidemiology of Avian Influenza H9N2 Viruses Circulating in Pakistan

iproc 2018;4(1):e10640

537 0 0
Outbreak Investigation of Dengue Fever in District Malir, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan, 2015

iproc 2018;4(1):e10632

293 0 3
Epidemiological Profile of Meningitis in Prefecture of Temara, Morocco, 2011-2016

iproc 2018;4(1):e10624

152 0 0
Evaluation of Acute Flaccid Paralysis (AFP) Surveillance System in Bajaur Agency, Federally Administrated Tribal Areas (FATA), Pakistan During 2015

iproc 2018;4(1):e10616

218 0 0
Evaluation of Malaria Surveillance System in Balochistan- 2017

iproc 2018;4(1):e10608

669 0 0
Defining Influenza Baseline and Threshold Values Using Surveillance Data - Egypt, Season 2016-17

iproc 2018;4(1):e10600

414 0 0

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