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Towards Precision Stress Management: Design and Evaluation of a Practical Wearable Sensing System for Monitoring Everyday Stress

iproc 2017;3(1):e15

897 0 6
Toward Expert Systems in Mental Health Assessment: A Computational Approach to the Face and Voice in Dyadic Patient-Doctor Interactions

iproc 2016;2(1):e44

2041 0 5
Connecting Healthcare Providers With Patients Through Mobile Technology: Formula for Shared Decision Making and Improved Patient Outcomes

iproc 2016;2(1):e3

2269 0 4
Screening of Atrial Fibrillation Using Wrist Photoplethysmography from a Fitbit Tracker

iproc 2017;3(1):e17

2896 0 4
Predictive Modeling of Emergency Hospital Transport Using Medical Alert Pattern Data: Retrospective Cohort Study

iproc 2015;1(1):e19

990 0 4
Design of A Smartphone Application for Automated Wound Measurements for Home Care

iproc 2015;1(1):e16

5450 0 4
Searching for Infertility Information Online: Differences Between Men and Women

iproc 2016;2(1):e37

1432 0 4
Wearable Stress Sensors for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder With In Situ Alerts to Caregivers via a Mobile Phone

iproc 2016;2(1):e9

3412 0 4
Can We Predict Depression From the Asymmetry of Electrodermal Activity?

iproc 2016;2(1):e23

806 0 4
Early User Centered Insights on Voice Integrated Technologies Through Retrospective Analysis

iproc 2017;3(1):e49

2612 0 4
Outbreak Investigation of Dengue Fever in District Malir, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan, 2015

iproc 2018;4(1):e10632

293 0 3
Philips Lifeline CareSage Analytics Engine: Retrospective Evaluation on Patients of Partners Healthcare at Home

iproc 2016;2(1):e8

1242 0 3
Cost of Diabetes in Saudi Arabia

iproc 2018;4(1):e10566

2089 0 3
Real-Time Tailoring of Depression Counseling by Conversational Agent

iproc 2016;2(1):e27

1754 0 3
Adapting A Unified Electronic Health Record Usability Framework for Evaluation of Connected Health Care Technologies Linking Mobile Data

iproc 2015;1(1):e20

2728 0 3
Utilization, Reliability, and Validity of a Smartphone App for Chronic Pain Management: A Randomized Controlled Trial

iproc 2016;2(1):e20

2940 0 3
Measles Outbreak Investigation in Village Bara, Khyber Agency, Pakistan-February 2017: Case Control Study

iproc 2018;4(1):e10593

250 0 3
Rate and Causes of Cesarean Section in North of Jordan

iproc 2018;4(1):e10553

690 0 3
HealthPROMISE: Utilization of Patient Reported Outcomes to Measure Quality of Life in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

iproc 2017;3(1):e28

1490 0 2
Review of Medical Device Connectivity in Neurocritical Care

iproc 2015;1(1):e12

652 0 2
Review of Alzheimer’s Disease Focused Mobile Applications

iproc 2017;3(1):e44

1262 0 2
Professional Virtual Communities for Health Care Implementers: Impact of Participation on Practice

iproc 2015;1(1):e11

842 0 2
An mHealth App Designed for Fertility Patients: From Conception to Pilot Testing

iproc 2019;5(1):e15236

861 0 2
Implementation of a RFID Tracking System to Capture Trauma Attending Arrival Times in the Emergency Department

iproc 2017;3(1):e31

680 0 2
Use of District Health Information System (DHIS-2) for Real Time Surveillance: Lebanon 2017

iproc 2018;4(1):e10547

1352 0 2

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