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Pilot Development of BP-Glass for Unobtrusive Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring

iproc 2015;1(1):e8

265866 0 0
Continuous Remote Monitoring of Vital Signs in Pediatric Population

iproc 2017;3(1):e5

260773 0 0
Sleep Phenotypes in Chronic Pain Sufferers: Application of Machine Learning to a Large Database

iproc 2016;2(1):e7

172753 0 1
Facilitating Quick and Better Text Searching for ICD-10-CM Codes

iproc 2015;1(1):e4

156699 0 0
Adherence to Smoking Cessation Medications Among Clickotine® Users

iproc 2017;3(1):e9

139651 0 0
Check Up GP: A Co-Designed Health and Lifestyle Screening App to Improve Patient-Centered Care for Young People in Primary Care

iproc 2016;2(1):e18

123834 0 0
Can a Free Wearable Activity Tracker Change Behavior? The Impact of Trackers on Adults in a Physician-Led Wellness Group

iproc 2016;2(1):e1

119255 0 0
Conceptual Model for M-Health Utilization: A Nigerian Adaptation

iproc 2015;1(1):e3

111525 0 1
Wearables, Gamified Group Challenges and Behavioral Incentives: A Preliminary Study of an Engagement Program to Increase Physical Activity

iproc 2015;1(1):e1

107748 0 1
Early Indications Human-Centered Decision Aids Help People Make More Appropriate Care Decisions

iproc 2016;2(1):e2

96280 0 0
Preventing Avoidable Hospitalizations at Low-Cost Across Large Populations

iproc 2016;2(1):e4

91950 0 0
Connecting Healthcare Providers With Patients Through Mobile Technology: Formula for Shared Decision Making and Improved Patient Outcomes

iproc 2016;2(1):e3

82513 0 4
Philips Lifeline CareSage Analytics Engine: Retrospective Evaluation on Patients of Partners Healthcare at Home

iproc 2016;2(1):e8

82333 0 3
Engaging Family Caregivers Translates to Better Health Outcomes and Lower Costs

iproc 2017;3(1):e1

79698 0 0
Determining the Commercial Opportunity of a Skill-Based Mobile Application for Patients With Type 2 Diabetes:A Feasibility Test With Patients and Providers in a Healthcare Setting

iproc 2015;1(1):e10

78675 0 0
Evaluating Acceptability of Cellular Glucose Meter Use in a Diabetes Care Management Program: A Qualitative Study

iproc 2015;1(1):e2

78075 0 0
Virtual Reality in Mechanical Ventilation Weaning After Spinal Cord Injury

iproc 2017;3(1):e2

78024 0 0
Lower Risk of Home Hemodialysis Attrition in Patients Using Nx2me Connected Health Technology

iproc 2016;2(1):e15

76296 0 1
Adapting A Unified Electronic Health Record Usability Framework for Evaluation of Connected Health Care Technologies Linking Mobile Data

iproc 2015;1(1):e20

76115 0 3
Utilization of an Embodied Conversational Agent in an Integrative Medical Group Visit for Patients with Chronic Pain and Depression

iproc 2016;2(1):e6

70305 0 0
The new Gold Standard in Online Delivered Behavioral Health Programs

iproc 2015;1(1):e6

69123 0 1
Detecting the Undiagnosed: Findings on Sleep Apnea Identification in Veterans With Insomnia Using at-Home Sleep Monitor Technology

iproc 2017;3(1):e3

67124 0 0
The Informal Caregiver Engagement Framework

iproc 2017;3(1):e8

62990 0 1
Internet-Delivered Treatment for Depression, Anxiety, and Stress in University Students: A Patient Preference Trial

iproc 2016;2(1):e5

62540 0 1
Professional Virtual Communities for Health Care Implementers: Impact of Participation on Practice

iproc 2015;1(1):e11

61582 0 2

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